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This Rolex Sea Dweller 4000 Replica Watch was one of the most cordially received debuts at Baselworld 2014. Getting been supplanted within the Rolex catalog through the 44 mm DeepSea in '09, the older 16600 Sea Dweller has continued to be a strong favorite around the pre-owned watch market ever since then. Rolex, sensing an chance to choose low-hanging fruit and generate some buzz, reintroduced the 40 mm model with little advance notice at March's Baselworld trade event.

The Rolex Sea Dweller Deepsea Replica Watch of 2009 was Rolex's reaction to the task resulting from a brand new generation of gargantuan sports watches. Throughout the 2000s, models from Audemars Piguet and Hublot stole the thunder that Rolex had owned for 80 years within the sports watch segment (dating back the initial Oysters from the 1920s). The DeepSea offered oversize watch fans a choice having a five-point crown, but Rolex might have alienated more loyalists of computer acquired using the 2009 release.

In launching the DeepSea like a substitute for that Fake Luxury Rolex Sea Dweller 4000 Replica Watch instead of producing both as catalog buddies, Rolex broke a continuum of Sea Dweller models dating towards the program's beginning in 1967. That year, Rolex joined a contract using the French COMEX deep submergence engineering concern. The merchandise of the collaborative development effort produced an adjustment from the Submariner with special adaptations for longer use at extreme depths.


Initially rated to 2000 meters, the very first Rolex Replica Sea Dweller 4000 Watch formally was extra time from the Submariner line, also it was just open to COMEX personnel in prototype form. A thicker very that overlooked the Rolex "Cyclops Eye" date magnifier, special situation construction to outlive extreme depths, along with a helium-release valve at 9 o'clock around the situation flank would become legendary from the model.

In 1971, the Sea Dweller (Ref. 1665) became a member of the Rolex public catalog like a production model on its own, and 1978 introduced the development of the initial Rolex Replica Sea Dweller 4000 Watch meter (Rolex Ref. 16660). This model, successor, the 16600 of 1988, continued to be being produced before the 2009 arrival from the DeepSea.

Around this March, Rolex has produced to individuals customers seeking a hyperlink towards the Sea Dweller heritage with no mass and size of the DeepSea. The brand new Rolex Sea Dweller 4000 features exactly the same compact size of its celebrated predecessor while including all contemporary Rolex refinements. The burly very, unmarred with a Cyclops magnifier, presents a handsome option to the Submariner's (Ref. 116610) domed visage. Although thick, the watch wears just like a Submariner around the wrist, also it never approaches the majority of the DeepSea.

A helium-release valve exists and proper, even though the unit might be of true utility to couple of proprietors, it remains a champion conversation-starter.